CNIM Air Space’s stratospheric balloons are mostly used by the scientific community to study the atmosphere, its chemistry and dynamics. They are also valuable tools for astronomers and biologists, or for demonstrating technologies.

Since 1971, CNIM Air Space has acquired a strong experience in textile design and manufacturing of stratospheric balloons. Our balloons lift anything from a few kilograms to several tons and are able to operate at an altitude as low as a few hundred metres or as high as 40 km.

Open stratospheric balloons

Open stratospheric balloons are helium filled balloons. They have one or several openings which enable the balance between atmospheric pressure and the gas inside the balloon.


•  Flight duration : from a few hours up to several days

• Payload : up to 1700 kg

• Flight altitude : up to 45 000 meters

Pressurized stratospheric balloons

Pressurized stratospheric balloons envelopes benefit from a very high level of tightness and from a strong reliability. Thus, long-term flights above inhabited continents are possible.


•  Flight duration : from a few weeks up to several months

• Payload : up to 50 kg

• Flight altitude : up to 20 000 meters


CNIM Air Space is the supplier of several space agencies, including the CNES.

CNIM Air Space is part of the Hemera H2020 program, financed by the European Union, which aims to promote scientific research with tropospheric and stratospheric balloons!

“Austral 2017” campaign of the CNES